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A Note From Clementine

June 2017: After six years on Etsy, I now find myself doing more in-person events and special collaborative projects with some of the talented Indie dyers I am lucky to count among my friends. Needing a more versatile online presence, I finally took the leap and opened my Indiemade shop! 

If you aren't already familiar with my work, I invite you to take a peek at my Etsy shop, where you can see photos of more than 600 sold items, review my 100% 5-star rating, or read some of the 300+ reviews from buyers. I am grateful for my customers' great reviews, encouragement, and support of Indie makers.

10/6/17 IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you all, this update of POP Thru The Parks items is sold out; bags will ship by 11/22. The next limited edition pre-order will be December 1.

(  Click here to visit That Clever Clementine's Etsy Shop  )

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